Rob Deza Photography

Thank you Rob Deza for putting together this beautiful and touching video documenting our campaign!

- Alex Morse

Buenisima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob te felicito ..tu trabajo esta excelente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Solangel Cifuentes


Wow!!! That was simply amazing!!! Really a great depiction to the heart and soul of who you are!!! I hope everyone takes the time out to view this!!!!

- Douglas J. Fountain


Que foto mas bella Rob...los colores, personajes, localidad...eres un fotografo espectacular!

- Viviana Valiente


Rob you were right I cried like a baby. It was absolutely beautiful. thank you so much.

- Kim Morse


A tear jerker for me this a.m.! Rob you have done such an incredible job of capturing Alex and documenting this historic journey. Thank You!

- Dori Dean


Phenomenal and extremely moving. What a gift you have Rob, for telling a story in photos about Alex's journey so far and the folks supporting him

- Talitha Abramsen


Rob Deza is the best I've seen in a long time. His photos get straight to the point, while unlocking and portraying the feeling and emotion within them. He can DEFINITELY give you the professional photos you're looking for. Nothing short of amazing, what you see is what you get. 

- Matt Rodriguez


You picked the best two words to describe this… Beautiful and Touching.

- Denise Leschernier


Amazing photography! Truly captures the love and joy of the moment.

- Dianne Jester

Roberto esta foto dice un millon de cosas que bonita e interesante. A Andrew y yo nos encanto…

- Liliana and Andrew


These pictures are sooo beautiful! I'm seriously in love with your photography!! I wish I knew you back then so that you could've done my senior photos. ♥

- Evie Acevedo


Rob Deza is the best photographer in Holyoke!

- Alfredo Cespedes


Excellent work Rob..........Your a good man and friend 

- Tracey Morse 


Hands Down Rob Deza is a beast at photography! he takes photography to a hole new level! A level that only Rob Deza can go in!

- David Acevedo


These are exceptional photos Julia. He captured so many moments so beautifully. A great reminder of a perfect day

- Katherine Greig


Siento un gran amor y orgullo por mi familia porque apesar de las dificultades por las que todos hemos pasado, siempre nos mantenemos unidos, nos amamos y eso NADIE jamas lo va a cambiar. Gracias Rob Deza por estas fotos geniales.

- Liliana Palacio


LOVE these photos!! Great photograpy!

- Deh Rohani


Amazing! I love the melo and warmth feeling these pic give me

- Leidy Deza


Rob, you cant imagine how happy i am with these pictures... I think there are amazing and i love them.. Thank you for doing such a wonderfull job..

- Luiza Navarro


WOW! Rob, no te imaginas lo q estoy sintiendo...! La verdad es q son las pequeñas cosas las cuales llenan nuestros corazones; y asi en nuestros caminos llenamos el alma de pequeñas cosas que al unirlas forman una red de conocimiento y sabiduria. Sin embargo el amor y el perdon son al fin y el cabo la respuesta a todos nuestros acertijos. Rob, te pasaste compañero!

- Nathalie Vicensio


 RD photo is deff the way to go if you’re looking for really good senior picks. All the photography places like sears or target are boring and charge you lots of mine for crap picks. Rob can really deliver good photos and he understands what we really want. Something better than the rest. don’t believe me? There’s only one way 2 find out. Check him out and get your senior picks done by him…

- Jonathan Nunez Provost


Love this photographer documenting this journey!

- Dori Dean


Big thanks go out to Rob Deza for creating this amazing piece.

- Nicholas Duclos


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