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A little about me...


My goal: Make the simplest and most common aspects of daily life something spectacular for all to enjoy and cherish; and to utilize the art of my eye to make magic with my camera.

I’ve always liked and been interested in photography, but I have struggled to
understand how to create a connection between the camera and me. I always admired
photography by professionals, thinking that good pictures could only be
taken with expensive and complex cameras. For some reason, every time I took
pictures I was not happy with the result.

I decided to devote my energy to really studying photography. A bit fearful, I decided to fully immerse myself in that world. Although it was very difficult to understand the technicalities of
photography, I soon discovered photography to be something simpler – something
other than the complex machine with numbers and a piece of glass.

Unfortunately, I had an accident in which I hurt my back. For a long time, I
was bedridden while I recovered. While recovering from my accident, I started to use my camera again – this time making the connections to time, feelings, and emotions that had eluded me before.

I credit my success to my two biggest fans, Amaraya and Penelope, my little princesses. It is rewarding to see their love for photography grow as we partake on this journey of capturing the life of others… 

Currently, I work as a photographer and educator of new photographers. I always strive to help others and love teaching people who really want to learn. My photographs have been featured in Oprah's O magazine, National Geographic, the Boston Globe, The Republican, Masslive, El Sol Latino, El Pueblo Latino, The Sun, B Magazine and The Rainbow Times. 


Rob Deza is the official photographer for Mayor Alex Morse of Holyoke, MA and also the founder of [I’M] Nobody Productions. 





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