Rob Deza

I’ve always admired good photography, but I never imagined that I could be a real photographer. It took time for me to realize that I didn’t need expensive, complicated equipment to capture a beautiful moment; all I needed was my artistic sense, and a skill for seeing the beauty right in front of me.

While recovering from an accident that left me bedridden with a back injury, I started to use my camera in new ways. I sought to capture time, feelings, and emotions that had eluded me before. I then realized that I had discovered my passion, and photography has been my life’s work ever since.

I spent the first 16 years of my life in my home country, Peru. For the next several years, I traveled to many other countries in South America doing missionary work. Experiencing such diverse cultures is truly what has fueled my passion for learning about different people. Through photography, I continue to connect with people and to immerse myself in my surroundings. Some of the most rewarding work I’ve done has been in collaboration with others.

I love to document moments and capture emotions. In my work, a photograph is more a sentiment than a pose. My work has involved a variety of occasions and subjects—from wedding and family portraits, to local politicians and campaigns, to events at universities. I welcome new and exciting opportunities, because this is how I grow and learn.